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Iconic car Servicing

21 December 2022
Iconic car Servicing

A focus on Servicing

Our technicians have been busy carrying out major services on some very prestigious cars recently. Apart from a full service, this short nose Ferrari 275 GTB in right hand drive with 6 Weber carburettors needed a brake master cylinder rebuild and a new fuel pump.

The team have also been busy carrying out service work on various Ferrari F40’s, F50’s, 456M GT’s, 500 Superfast, various Jaguars, a Lotus Cortina and a Renault 8 Gordini, to name but a few...

The Mercedes 300 SL arrived with a misfire, after checking all the basics, it was pinpointed to a faulty injector. All injectors were removed, cleaned, rebuilt and tested, and the owner of this beautiful roadster was able to enjoy his car again, with the roof up in this cold weather!