Workshop Services

Sporting & Historic Car Engineers have a comprehensively equipped workshop enabling a full range of services to be undertaken in-house.

Services we undertake include

Services we undertake include

  • Historic and Modern Race and Road Car Preparation, Restoration and Servicing

  • On Site Fabrication and Machine Shop

  • Remanufacture of obsolete parts

  • Old and obsolete part sales and sourcing

  • Engine build and development

  • Gearbox build and development

And last but not least, we have a Schenck D400 Dyno in fully equipped test cell. This enables us to test and comprehensively develop racing engines on-site.

We also provide comprehensive collection car management services and look after cars for clients all over the world in our purpose built secure workshops near Silverstone.

Finally, we provide road and racecar inspection services, using our extensive knowledge and experience to make sure you know EXACTLY what you are buying - more important today than ever with the high values attributed to genuine rare significant cars - mistakes can be costly if what you buy is not what it seems...

Our Dyno Test Cell

Engine and Gearbox build services